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If you have a physical item that you wish to sell on AidArena, simply click the Sell a Product button above. This will enable to you to list an item on AidArena that is to be delivered or picked up by the purchaser. If you have an item to sell that is a Service, i.e. lawn mowing service, dinner for 2, then please click on "Sell a Service"


If you have a service that you wish to sell on AidArena, simply click the Sell a Service button above. Selling a Service on AidArena is an easy way for you to sell a dinner, consulting appointment, car service or anything that is not a physical item. When you list a service on AidArena, the successful buyer will receive a gift voucher in there email for the service that they have listed. The buyer simply prints this voucher and presents it to you for redemption.
If you have a physical item to sell an please click on "Sell a Product"

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AidArena is a not for profit organization that facilitates the sale and auction of items with all or a portion of the proceeds going to various charities. Since... More