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AidArena is a brand new initiative.

To reach its full potential the assistance and participation of Charities, Sellers and Buyers is critical.


The AidArena program enables individuals to sell their unwanted goods and donate a proportion of the sale proceeds to the charity of their choice. Businesses are also encouraged to support their preferred charity through the sale of goods & services and donate a proportion of the sale proceeds to their preferred charity. Upon a successful sale of your item or service AidArena will issue you or your company a Tax Deductible Receipt for that sale.


AidArena offers everyone the opportunity to buy items of interest offered for sale or auction through this program with the added benefit part of the proceeds of that purchase will go to a charitable organisation.


There are no upfront costs incurred by the charity. The Aidarena system relieves of all of the costs associated with the collections and warehousing of donated items. A significant financial upside exists for all charities registered with AidArena under the charity agreement; the charity pays an administration fee out of the sale proceeds generated. Bare in mind however that without items listed for sale by your support base there will be no result for your fundraising program. It is vital that your supporter base (individual/Business) is made aware and actively encouraged to log items on to the AidArena site nominating your organisation as the beneficiary of the auction and the subsequent sale of items to the public (often a considerable cost).

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About Us

AidArena is a not for profit organization that facilitates the sale and auction of items with all or a portion of the proceeds going to various charities. Since... More