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1. What is the main benefit to the seller?

Individual - The seller receives a tax receipt for the proportion of the sale value that is being donated. Traditionally, items donated by an individual to a charity were not able to be claimed as a tax deduction.

Registered business - Exposure of your business, your charitable intentions and tangible support to your nominated charity.

2. What is the main benefit to the Charity?

Creating an additional income stream that operates 24/7 whilst adding no administrative burden to the charity.

3. What is the main benefit to the Buyer?

The Buyer has the satisfaction of knowing that their purchase is supporting the seller's chosen Charity.

4. Are Donations of $2.00 or more tax deductible within Australia?

Yes, the Seller will receive an official tax receipt from the charity for all donation amounts of $2.00 or more.

5. What does it cost to use this Service?

Seller - No cost to Seller. Buyer - No cost to Buyer

Charity - The Charity authorizes the retention of an administration fee, as per the Charity Agreement from the donation amount.

6. What should I do once our Charity/DGR is registered with AidArena?

Promote your charity on AidArena by adding the AidArena Banner and code (we provide) to your website. This will link people visiting your website to your profile page and current auctions on AidArena benefitting your Charity. (You may need some help from your web developer).

7. What happens if there is a dispute?

Charity - The Charity IS NOT involved in the dispute process.

Buyer & Seller - The dispute resolution period (7 days) enables the Buyer and the Seller to communicate via the message board to come to a resolution. The sale proceeds are held in PayPal, pending a resolution.

8. What are the Buyer's obligations?

Buyer - The buyer must pay the purchase price in accordance with the payment instructions on our website. If, for any reason, payment has not been finalised within three (3) working days after you have been notified that you are the successful bidder/buyer, then, in addition to any other rights the seller may have against you, the seller may relist the item for sale.

9. What do I do when someone buys or wins one of my items?

DO NOT send or ship the item until AidArena provides to you, via email, confirmation that the buyer has paid for the item!

The seller will receive two emails;

1. Notifying you of the successful sale.

2. Notifying you when payment has been made.

Only after receiving the 2nd email should the seller ship the item or discuss pickup arrangements with the Buyer via the message board.

Note: Sellers DO NOT need to collect the proceeds, the transaction of money is automated and handled by AidArena and provides the buyer with Seller protection. If any arrangements are made outside the message board AidArena will be unable to assist if a dispute arises. All communications between seller and buyer must be done via the message board.

10. How can I pay for an item if I don't have a PayPal account

Buyer - When paying for an item or service, click on our "Checkout with PayPal" link, select "Don't have a PayPal account?" and then click "Continue" to make a secure payment using your credit card. Using PayPal ensures protection of all payments and allows for the seamless transfer of funds to the seller's chosen charity.

11. What is Automatic Bidding?

When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item.

N.B In reserve price auctions, if your maximum bid is at least the reserve price, the automatic bidding system will increase your bid to meet the reserve, and bidding will continue from there. If your maximum bid is below the reserve price, the "Reserve Not Met" error will appear on the auction.

The automatic bidding system places bids on your behalf if you are outbid at any time, up to your maximum bid amount. Bids are increased in increments (see table below) to make sure you remain the highest bidder up to your maximum bid or to meet the reserve price set by the seller.

If another bidder places the same maximum bid or higher, we'll notify you so you can place another bid. Your maximum bid remains confidential until it is exceeded.

From To Bid Increment Amount
$ 0 $ 24.99 $ 1
$ 25 $ 99.99 $ 1.50
$ 100 $ 249.99 $ 2.50
$ 250 $ 499.99 $ 5
$ 500 $ 999.99 $ 10
$ 1,000 $ 2,499.99 $ 25
$ 2,500 $ 4,999.99 $ 50
$ 5,000 $ 9,999.99 $ 75
$ 10,000 $ 10,000,000 $ 100

12. What are the benefits of Automatic Bidding?

Automatic bidding increases your bids in predetermined increments to maintain your position as the highest bidder up to your maximum bid amount or to meet the reserve price. This is a great system as bids are automatically placed whilst you are asleep, at work or away from your computer.

13. How to determine a reserve price?

Place a maximum bid amount you are willing to pay to determine the reserve price. The automatic bidding system will raise your bid more than the standard increment if your maximum bid is less than the reserve price set by the Seller. Once the reserve price is met, then bidding will continue from there as per the increment table up to your maximum bid.

14. Can I be outbid by less than a full automatic bidding increment?

Yes automatic bidding it is possible to be outbid by less than a full increment! A winning bidder's maximum bid need only exceed the next highest maximum bid by one cent. If you are concerned, raise your maximum bid. For example: You will be outbid if your maximum bid was $20 and another bidder set their maximum bid at $20.01.

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